What can you do with a 6-inch square?

A while back I was at my guild’s charity bee and spied a large stack of 6 inch squares that had been donated. I was intrigued by these and asked if I could take them home and have a play.

I decided to use the design techniques that I had learned in Latifah’s QuiltCon lecture yesterday…..

…..starting with asking what the purpose was for the quilt and why I was making it!!

My first answer was that it is for a charitable use and will be used to keep someone warm and comfortable. But there was a second reason for this quilt. I am wanting to try my hand at designing and this stack of 6-inch blocks seemed the perfect catalyst.

Normally, a charity quilt is made as quickly as possible with the largest blocks available and the least amount of sewing. However, to fulfill the second purpose I knew that it was okay if it took a while to make.

Now I was into the “imagination” part of the design process…..

Since I made the pinwheel designs in the Morewood Mystery quilt…..

……I have been thinking more about that block design.

As I normally do, I turned to my computer for some initial inspiration, first opening a folder called pinwheel Quilts and starting to peruse the photos that I have saved. Then I googled pinwheel blocks and found lots more inspiration (some pinwheel and some not)……

With those images in my mind (and a few printed out on paper), I headed upstairs to start playing with the fabric.

When laid out by colors I could see that they were almost entirely dark and medium fabrics with very few true lights…..

So maybe I will think about two quilts…one where I will add lights and make it with high contrast. And another with low volume (value)….who knows.

So now I am contemplating where to head with these fabrics…..stay tuned!!!

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