The joy of uneven borders

When we left the Morewood Mystery Quilt, I was debating about how to add length to the quilt so that it could become a twin size quilt.

It was almost wide enough already but definitely needed some extra length.

IF I had known the finished size, I would have made one more row of blocks and IF I had just used a few fabrics, I would have made the extra blocks now. BUT, since I had used all scraps, I knew that it would be a herculean task to pull scraps to make those 5 extra blocks.

SO….I decided to work with uneven borders!!

I was first introduced to this by Pat Speth who was a speaker at our local quilt guild. She encouraged us that it was okay to have borders of different widths….if nothing else, it could make the math simpler for pieced borders!!

I felt that the quilt needed some more yellow to bring out the yellows in the blocks, so I started by adding a yellow border to the top and bottom…..

Next, I added a purple border….1.5 inches to sides and 2.5 inches to the top and bottom, followed that with a green border all the way around the quilt….

The finished quilt is fun and bright and will hopefully make the recipient smile!! It is being donated to a local women’s rehabilitation shelter and I am hopeful that it will brighten many of their faces and days!!!

Many thanks to Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs for this fun mystery. I learned many things including…..

If you are interested in the pattern, it is available on Cheryl’s website.

8 thoughts on “The joy of uneven borders

  1. Wow! That yellow immediately brought out the yellow in the body of the quilt! Good work with the borders. I once did the “uneven” thing too to get a quilt longer. Not a fan of square quilts.

  2. Hey Frances I liked the idea of uneven border. I will try this. The yellow really added a lot to that mystery quilt.

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