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July Bargello…

I have once again fallen down on the job with posting about the quilts from the British Quilt List challenge that I participated in back in 2009!!

The July quilt was a simple bargello design…..

I love the fabrics that I used for this piece, particularly the sparkles that are coming out of the “fireworks”!!!

Additionally, our guild challenge for December has just been announced, and guess what…..it is a BARGELLO quilt.

I am looking forward to playing with some designs in the upcoming months and seeing what I can do with them!!!

Have you ever made a Bargello design and do you have any suggestions for me??

Fashion or Quilt Inspiration?

I have loved seeing these pants in my local Walmart…..

While I would never WEAR something like this (I have already lived thru that particular decade), it would be fun to design a quilt in this format!!

Have you ever made a quilt like this?

There has to be a minimum!!

For many years I have carefully cut my scraps into various sized strips and squares, starting with 1.5-inch and moving to 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3.5-inch.

While I think that this is a decent system, the truth is that I don’t use most of those sizes.

I have a large drawer of 1.5-inch squares……

….another drawer full of 2-inch squares…..

….and a stack of 3.5-inch squares that are simply NOT being used.

So, WHY am I spending time cutting them???

I regularly clean out my 2.5-inch strips and the box of 2.5-inch squares has been replenished many times……

I also find many uses for the 1.5-inch strips.

This past weekend my plan was to start working on this large bin of scraps and fabric pieces that had been gifted to me…..

I started out cutting all of the different sizes and then decided that LIFE WAS TOO SHORT!!

It was really freeing to limit the cutting to 1.5-inch and 2.5-inch strips and 2.5-inch squares!!!

I am using my AccuQuilt to cut the pieces and found that it was easiest to use the strip die to cut the fabrics.

I first placed a number of scraps on the cutting area….up to 6 layers deep…..

After the first pass, these scraps were cut into 2.5-inch strips…..

I then stacked the strips up perpendicular to the cutting lines…..

….and ran it thru again……

The result was a nice stack of very USEABLE 2.5-inch squares…..

So far, I have cut these strips…..

….these squares……

….and I still have this much left to work thru…..

Now, much of what is left to do looks as if it will be too small to use so I HOPE that I can keep my resolve and add them to the dog bed bits…..

How about you…..what is your smallest “scrap”?

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