Quilts in an art show

Our local art gallery….Lyndon House Arts Center… holding it’s 46th Juried Exhibition and I was honored to have a quilt accepted into the show.

“Bridge Over the River Kew” hung proudly between other non-fiber art…..

The other quilts included were from local artists…..

“Pump Baby Pump” by renowned quilter Elizabeth Barton won the Nancy Lukasiewicz Award for Excellence in Fine Crafts.

She also had “Brief Encounter”…..

Elizabeth teaches many online courses and keeps an inspiring blog.…you should check it out!!

Also accepted was “Circular Reasoning” by Modern Quilt Artist, Sylvia Schaefer. Her website is worth a peekas well!!

I picked out a few of my favorites to show you……

“Ga. UGA” weaving by Shirley Cambliss
“Blue Wave” – folded paper by Rebecca Kreisler

“Growing Patchwork” – Oil on Canvas by Hannah Jones

Did you notice that ALL of my favorites were geometric in nature? Wonder why that is???

A new tool for the Studio

For quite a while, I have been interested in having an iPad and over the last few months, I have seen so many posts and articles about using an app called “Procreate”. Last week I finally bit the bullet and ordered one and, so far I am loving it!!

I have been playing with Procreate quite a bit and have watched many, many youtube videos about using it. It has tons of features and I will be learning FOREVER!!

I started out by playing with the various brushes and textures that you can use. It was fun to quickly design a new background that could easily be printed on a fabric…..

Next, I pulled in a photo of a quilt and played with possible quilting patterns…..

It was a super easy way to gather ideas and experiment with their placement.

Secondly, I followed one of the tutorials to draw my own “Cacti Still Life”…..

It is nothing fancy, but I sure did learn a lot from the tutorial!!

The final drawing that I did started with a photo of an eggplant……

I was able to pull this photo into the app and set it as the background layer. Then I used the brushes to basically trace around the vegetable and started filling in the shadings. Finally, I removed the initial photograph layer, leaving a fairly decent drawing of an eggplant…..

This has been a fun process and I am looking forward to learning more as I go and who knows, maybe someday I won’t need the photo to start with!!

Free motion straight lines

WELL….”sort of” straight lines!!!

This week I decided to try doing a triangle filler pattern, using a design that I had saved out of a Quilting Arts Magazine…..

I have tried using straight-line designs before but always ended up quilting myself into a corner!!! I slowed down and gave this one a good try……

There were still a few lines that didn’t turn into triangles, but I was okay with it!!

But I decided that it looked a little bland, so I quilted OVER my original stitching and added some pebbles….

It was good practice for me to have to travel over all of those lines and I love the additional texture that comes with the pebbles!!!

I promise that “MOVE IT!!!”….a free-motion boot camp is coming!!! I finally finished with tax season and then proceeded to get sick so it has been a bit slower to get things moving. Keep watching here for more information or subscribe to my newsletter HERE…..

Scrappy Pyramids

For this week’s scrappy offering, we are back to another of my older quilts

And, I am ashamed to say, I don’t know if my Mom made this or if it was my Granny!! I thought that I had them all well documented, but I can’t find this one. Such a shame!!

Regardless of who the maker was, it is a fun quilt, filled with scrappy pyramids…..

I love this one….partly because of the fabrics used, but also because it is pieced with the pyramids facing the side instead of the top.

I love that many of the points have been lost in the piecing….see…I come by it naturally!!!

Actually, as I looked at it more, I think that it was designed for the points to be missing…..that is the only thing that would tell why the points are so symmetrically and perfectly missing!!

One of my friends has made tons of pyramid quilts and she swears that they are easy to do, but I have yet to try one!!!

It is hand quilted using the good old “Baptist Fan” design…..

Yet another fun quilt from my Quilting Family Tree!!