Trying something new!!

On the last morning of our retreat, I decided that I wanted to try a new pattern that I found in the latest American Quilter magazine.

I am not a huge fan of paper piecing but thought that this one might be fun to do.

One thing that I really liked about it was that you used 2.5 inch strips to do the piecing which meant that it was super easy to cut the fabrics.

What I didn’t like about it was that there was a large pile of wasted fabric once the block was pieced……

I like how the flower part looks and I may try more as the summer goes on, but I will NOT use strips….

I am glad that I made a test block and learned how I will change it going forward.

I am looking forward to working on it further!!

Finishing the Christmas Trees…

I was determined to have these trees finished in time to decorate for Christmas and it happened….

I am super pleased with how they look!!

But, the last time you saw them they were in lots of pieces so let’s talk about how they got from there to here….

I finished the paper piecing and was ready to add the borders. I trimmed down the entire tree leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance around the pattern lines. Then, I removed the paper just along the edges….

That way the edges were free of paper but the rest of the piece stayed stabilized.

After adding the borders it was time to remove the rest of the paper and I found a new tool while doing it. I normally used a seam ripper to help get under the paper…..

…but was always concerned that I would accidentally clip the threads or, even worse, cut a hole in the fabric!!

Then I remembered my “Purple Thing”!! It was perfect for this task…..

Another reason why I am not fond of paper piecing….

Now it was time to think about quilting. I tried a few designs on paper…..

…but decided that I wanted to see it in the real size.

You may be tired of videos but I wanted to share one more that shows how I planned the quilting and then how easy it was to actually perform the design…..

I kept the rest of the quilting really simple and am especially happy with the striped binding…..

One looks longer than the other but I promise that they are the same size!!!!

Another project finished…….

Paper Piecing – Prepping the pieces…

Welcome back to “I HATE PAPER PIECING”…..not really!!

In yesterday’s installment I talked about the tools that I simply cannot do without…..Golden Threads Paper and Add-A-Quarter Ruler.

Today I have selected my fabrics and am getting the pieces prepared.

This video talks about one of my paper piecing horrors…. selecting a fabric, sewing it to the base and then flipping it over to find that it is TOO small!! I have added a step to hopefully alleviate this problem.

Check out the video…..

Tomorrow we finally start sewing!!

Yipee…I’m Paper Piecing…

Yes, this title is a bit tongue-in-cheek because I REALLY don’t enjoy paper piecing!!! However, when there is a design that you want to do and you HAVE to paper piece it… put on your big girl pants and get down to it!!!

The culprit in this case is this tree…..

…and I want to make TWO of them to decorate my entryway!!!

Since I was having SO much fun with paper piecing, I thought that I would share my enjoyment with you!!!

This is the first of three videos that will detail MY method for paper piecing. In this one I talk about my two favorite tools for this technique….Golden Threads Paper and Add-A-Quarter Ruler…

Come back tomorrow for part 2….preparing the the fabric pieces