Wall down…..wall up (almost)

]The construction crew arrived early this morning and immediately started pulling up carpet, knocking down walls and starting on the new wall!!

The only thing that they ran into was an exhaust pipe mysteriously hidden in the wall that was coming down. The plumber is coming tomorrow to re-route it!!!

At days end, this is where it stands……

….dang that pipe!!!!

I am already thinking about the fun projects that will happen in here!!!


Weekend Progress…..

Well, the studio and sitting room are now empty, waiting for the contractors to come tomorrow and tear down the adjoining wall!!! And, most of the stuff fit into the bathroom…..

Having said that, my books and book shelves are in another bedroom and my sewing machine table is still in the corner of the room!!

It was interesting to think thru all of my “stuff” as I was moving it. I know that I did a pretty big purge last summer, but I am thinking that I may need to do some more!!!

I was amazed at how many pins I had on my design wall……

I have struggled to find pins that work well on my design wall. I kept thinking that I needed longer ones but they tend to bend easily so I am going to see if I can find some that are shorter and sharper….any suggestions??

On the sewing front, I have continued working on the “Color Wheel” applique and now just have one more set of circles to sew down. They are basted in place here….

My plan from here is to add triangles in the corners (make it a square in a square) and add another (yet unknown) design element!! As I look at it, I feel certain that it needs more swirls of some sort.

Finally, I have been quilting on the Henna Girl…..

When I first started doing the echo lines, I wasn’t sure that I liked it, but as I have done more, it has grown on me.

Finally, the weekend was made even better by ……


We don’t often get it in Georgia so this was a nice change. Even better, it was gone within 12 hours!!!

The last excitement of the weekend was learning about the iPhone app…..Marco Polo!! You can record a short video to send to someone and then, when they have time, they can video back. It’s like a video chat but you both don’t have to be on the same time schedule. My excitement today was getting to “talk” to our friend Ruth and see her sweet twin boys (that I haven’t met yet) and the ever sweet Bo……