And then there was furniture…..

This afternoon Michael and I spent several hours building furniture for my enlarged studio.

First was the Standing Desk (cutting table)…..

It was super easy to put together!!!

Then the delivery from IKEA arrived…….

I know that it said multiple boxes but I only ordered THREE things!!!!

The first set of shelves took about an hour to put together…..

In fact, since it went so well, we decided to break out the second set of boxes…..

This set only took about 40 minutes to put together and, before we knew it, the fiber/cutting area of the room was set up and ready to go……

At the end of the day, this is where the room is, although I am thinking that I will move some things around…..

I REALLY want to spend every available minute working to get this set up, but I KNOW that I have to do some real work as well…..sigh!!

Oh well, it will be a good incentive to stay focused in my office!!!

Quilting in a real big empty….

Well, the construction started out going great guns, but then as projects often do, it came to a screeching halt as we wait for the Drywall guys to come in and close in the new wall.

But, today I had time to do some more work on the Henna Girl and I was not going to let a big open space deter me!!! I swept the area well and moved my machine table out of the corner and got everything set up……

I couldn’t figure out why it was so cold in the room, but Michael reminded me that there was an area that was open to the attic…..

……so a space heater was added to sort that out!!

I spent the next few hours happily quilting along and dreaming of when this room would be completely finished!!

I am pleased with my accomplishments for the afternoon, finishing the bottom portion of her shirt…..

…although when I cropped this photo, I realized that I have the top portion to do as well!!!

I was going to work on her arms, but didn’t have the right color of thread. Instead, I added some to her head scarf…..

Also, last night I finished all of the applique on the Color Wheel quilt so now it is time to get serious about figuring what to add to the corners. I took one of my photos of the finished portion, pulled it into Powerpont, and added the corners……

Now I have printed out a bunch of copies and hope to spend part of this evening playing with possible ways to finish the corners. Originally I didn’t have any ideas, but now have several in mind. Sometimes that makes it harder!!!

Now to get off of this computer and get to it!!