A Stroll Down the Garden Path

Back in 1996, all of us quilters were SO excited about mosaic landscape quilts and, of course, I had to make one!!!

I remember looking thru all of my scraps, especially those bits of floral that I had kept for just this purpose.

I was excited to find out that I could use the backs of some of fabrics to achieve a bit more shading and dimension…..

I spent a lot of time looking thru a reducing glass so that I could see how it would look from a distance!!

ONE HINT HERE….. if you need a reducing glass, purchase a door peep-hole instead…..

It only costs a few dollars and works wonderfully!!

It was fun to see the path grow from this diverse selection of fabrics…..

The final quilt turned out well…..

….and it happily graces my wall during the late spring!!

3 thoughts on “A Stroll Down the Garden Path

    1. I love using the reducing glass but once made a quilt that looked SO much better in the glass than it did in person. I threatened to hang the reducer next to the quilt with a sign that said to use it to see the quilt!!!

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