An ode to 2015!!!!


I normally write a year end post, but simply didn’t get around to it this year, so instead here is my Ode to the last year…..


Oh 2015, where did you go? 

You flew by so fast with lots of to and fro


In March was the quilt show….way too much fun.  

Spending time with quilters, each and every one.


Tax season flew past with very little trouble

But then came the Nepal earthquake and burst our bubble.


Hours were spent changing visas and flights,

But before we knew it, we were flying planes like kites.


To Colombia first and meeting fun new friends

Then home for 3 weeks before another ascend


Four weeks in India…. Bangalore, Trivandrum and Pune

Then finally to Nepal….hip hip hooray!!

Trekking in the Himalayas….mark it off the bucket list

But where’s the next adventure….you get the gist.


Home again in October and start the mad dash

Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here in a flash


Time spent with friends, family and kids

Any time for quilting….heaven forbid.


Only three finished projects to show for the year

But there isn’t much time to shed even a tear


Now 2016 has come in with a flair

With fun and trips and more things to share


I plan to be blogging as the year passes on

I hope you will join me and travel along!!!





3 thoughts on “An ode to 2015!!!!

  1. Not sure how I missed this post but Happy New Year anyway. And thanks to the rhyming poetry, I now know how to pronounce Pune!

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