Dinner with “the kids”

On Wednesday night we were invited to have dinner with two of the PhD students and one of their girlfriends.  They are 24 and 25 years old, thus they are “kids” to us!!!! 

Orkun met us at the hotel and walked with us to Esma’s apartment.  His girlfriend, Emel, was there as well.

When we arrived they offered for us to sit in the living room but we asked if we could watch them cook instead…..


They prepared a vegetarian feast for us!! 

DSC03168 We had individual servings of a mixture with tomatoes, eggplant, onions and spices that was served with peppered rice.

The dish in the center starts with a very fine grain that has tomatoes, mint, onions and lots of spices added to it.  We ate it by placing this mixture on lettuce leaves and then rolling them up.

The white bowls contained yoghurt and cucumbers with dried mint on the top.

It was all delicious and we ate until we couldn’t move!!


After dinner we had Baklava with ice cream and then Emel offered to make Turkish coffee…..


Before we left, they gave us three wonderful gifts…..a can of Turkish coffee, a set of coffee cups and a big platter of Turkish delight!!!

and then they kindly walked us back to the hotel……..



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