Appliqué Prep – part 2

Yesterday I talked about preparing applique pieces using the product from Alex Anderson, but I wasn’t happy with the results…..


In a previous life, I had done some appliqué using freezer paper as my base so I decided to return to that.

With this technique, you use the freezer paper template and fold the fabric edges over it.

I traced the design for three of the blooms onto the paper side of a piece of freezer paper….

I then stacked up three layers of freezer paper….

and ironed them together using a cool dry iron….

I cut the pieces out and found that since I had used THREE layers of Freezer Paper, the template was nice and stiff…..

I ironed the shiny side of the freezer paper template onto the fabric…..

and then cut them out with a scant quarter-inch overhang.

Now it’s time to see how these edges turn over and if I can get them smoother than I did with the paper from Alex Anderson.

Since I don’t particularly like using a glue stick, I’m going to try using the magic sizing trick….

…..that I learned from Karen Kay Buckley.

Since you don’t need much of the spray, I sprayed a small amount into the cap……

And then dipped a stencil brush in…..

Note here that NOT MUCH IS NEEDED!!!

Next, I brushed the sizing onto the fabric edges….

(My concern here is that the paper is going to start losing its stiffness because of the liquid.)

I used the tip of my iron to carefully work around the pattern, pressing the edges in and holding the iron there until it dried…..

I found that the Freezer Paper DID hold its shape!!

Once I had gone around the entire petal, I turned it to the front and put the iron on top of the whole thing……

And look…..

This is the nicest-looking petal I have seen so far!!

And yes, I realize that the point isn’t perfect but I can tuck that little piece in when I’m actually doing the appliqué.

Let’s keep going.

The second one worked well but on the third one, the paper started bending a little bit. I think I used too much magic sizing on it, but I simply put the iron on it and let it dry, and then started over again with a smaller amount. It seemed to work fine. 

This one has a few more bumps in it, but again I’m thinking it’s because the paper got wet……

However, these three are certainly better than the ones I prepared yesterday……

While this technique worked better than the first one, I still had issues with the paper becoming saturated with Magic sizing and starting to lose its integrity.

SO I guess that means I need to do one more test and try the Heat-resistant Template Plastic …..

Come back Tuesday for the results!!!

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