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Reels of inspiration!!

While a lot of the Facebook reels are a bit annoying, every once in a while I hit on one that makes me so excited.

This was one of them……

It started out simply enough with a few lines on a page…..

Then more lines…..

At this point I am wondering exactly what it is going to be!!

But once the color is added……

….I am TRULY in love with this design!!

In particular, I like how the boxes start out on the top right and magically end up on the bottom left.

Since I like piecing 60-degree diamonds so much, I might have to try this one day!!

I checked out the artist who drew this and found his YouTube Channel. This is a video that has several of his 3-D drawings but starts out with this one that I like.



Would you ever try a design like this??

Am I crazy to try it???



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Don’t fall down that hole!!

I have a fear that when I am changing the needle on my machine, I will lose my grip and it will fall DOWN that little hole and get lost in the bowels of my machine!!

Being nervous doesn’t really help when you are trying NOT to be fumble-fingeredi!!

The other day I thought of a simple solution……


I grabbed a Post-It Note……

…..but a piece of fabric would work just as well and might even be sitting on your machine!!

I now feel secure when holding the needle…..

….. and am less likely to drop it!!

Isn’t it amazing how much security a small piece of paper can bring?



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A Measured life…..

Some time back, one of my best friends shared this poem with me…..

Today, we are flying to Copenhagen and then traveling to Malmo, Sweden.

I will be spending some time in the field with Michael but also plan to spend some time letting my feet play their song on the streets of Copenhagen!!

Keep coming back because I am SURE to find lots of inspiration along the way!!

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