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60-degree diamonds….again!!

Back in June, I posted about some fabric that I had bought and the planning that had started for a quilt featuring 60-degree diamonds.

Since then I have spent an inordinate amount of time creating designs using these fabrics……

I loved all of them but knew that it was TIME to make up my mind.

So, one evening I headed to my studio with the idea that I WAS going to decide on a design!!

To find inspiration I grabbed an older book by Katie Pasquini (her name at that time)…..

As I was glancing thru it, I found this photo…..

HMMMM….wonder if I could make “cubes” of the fabric and put them in a circle…..

I tried some other configurations, even resorting to paper…..

…but couldn’t get the dimensions to work out right.

Then I hit upon this idea…..

Now THAT has promise!!

I kept adding rounds to it…..

…and I got more and more excited about it!!

At the end of the night, it was looking something like this…..

I am excited to go forward with this project.

Stay with me to see how it goes!!!

Oops….I forgot June!!

Earlier in the year I had been talking about the British Quilt List challenge that I participated in back in 2009..

I had posted thru May and my plan had been to post one a month for the rest of the year.


So, here is the 12-inch quilt for June…..

Sadly, I don’t remember exactly how we made this block. but I am thinking that we sewed the “flap” strips together first and then inserted them into the seams of the backing fabric.

I do remember sewing the top flaps down heading one direction and the bottom flaps the other, and then picking a point somewhere in the middle to turn the flaps the othere direction.

It has wonderful dimension and, for me, the fabrics are perfect!!

It would be interesting to explore this technique further as I am SURE that lots of amazing quilts could come out of it…..

This was a fun quilt to make and I love hanging it in my bathroom in the Spring and Summer.

Have you ever tried a “tuck” quilt??

I LIKE these FMQ designs

As you might have guessed, I am still working thru Angela Walters “Filler FMQ Challenge”, and this week I hit a bunch of designs that I LOVE!!!

The first one was so simple but very effective…..

….make a wavy line and add a circle here and there!!!

She also suggested adding figure 8’s instead of just the circle so I will need to try that one!!

The next one was rows of Ribbon Candy……

I LOVE doing ribbon candy, and when you put them in wavy rows like this….oh my!!

I always have to stop and figure out where my first stitches need to head BEFORE I start stitching. I did this video of my “thinking”…..

I apologize for it being blurry, but I think that you can still get the idea of me having to trace it out several times before I start sewing. If I don’t do this step, I will get myself completely messed up….not for the first time!!

The next design was more wavy lines, but this time filled with arcs……

I did have trouble keeping the wavy lines parallel. You can see how I have veered WAY out at the bottom…..

I ended up going back up to the middle of the errant line…..

…..and re-sewing before I added the arcs.

I had a similar problem on the next one. These lines were supposed to be mirror images of each other…..


Next, I tried drawing guidelines to help me stay straight…..

….but those didn’t do the trick either!!

Finally, I physically drew in the lines…..

They really do change character when you add a “snowflake” design to them……

I am not sure why I had so much trouble with wavy lines this time. It may have made a difference that I was working on an area that had slopping slides and “felt” diagonal. At least, we will say was what happened!!!

Even though I struggled a bit with these particular designs, I DEFINITELY found ones that will go into my FMQ library!!

Come back next week as we finish off this challenge!!!

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