Quilts and Other Stuff from Frances

Scrappy Goodness

Everybody loves a good, old-fashioned scrap quilt!!

Boston Commons

Mom’s amazing quilting skills shown thru in this gorgeous scrap quilt….

Balloon Girl

This quilt from the 1970’s features fabrics from my dresses….some of them are “FAR OUT”!!!!


Autograph Quilt

This quilt held signatures of my Mom’s family and friends.  I have fond memories of hearing her talk about each of them.

Grandmother's Flower Garden

This quilt from the 1970’s features family scraps galore…..

Double Wedding Ring

According to my mother, EVERY bride needed a Double Wedding Ring……

Carolina Chain

Bonnie Hunter has the best scrap quilt patterns and this one made up easily as a Charity Quilt……

Crumbs for the Geese

This crumb quilt isn’t finished yet but I sure like the design!!

Christmas Pineapples

This quilt has a long saga spanning several years and the end result is wonderful….

Rainbow Pineapple

My first pineapple quilt was a huge success……

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