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About Me!!!

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you may be asking yourself just “who is this woman”? 

I am Frances Arnold and I am a QUILTER…..do you need more information??

I grew up in Abilene, Texas smack dab in the middle of a creative family……

My Dad, although he had little formal education had more common sense than most people I know. He could mend or build ANYTHING!!! However, like many men of his generation, he didn’t read instructions. As a testament to that fact we lived for many years with a garage door opener that had been installed upside down!!!

My Mom was a hard-working woman who loved to be creative with her hands. She made her first quilt at age 11 and was still working on projects well into her 90’s. Although she did not teach me how to quilt, she gave me a love of things that were handmade, and taught me the joy that comes from creating something with my own two hands!!

I have been married for 43 years to Michael, the love of my life. He has always supported me in my crazy endeavors and never tires of being asked to look at something and give me his opinion.

We have two grown children who are married  to two amazing spouses.

Michael and I love to travel and see how life happens in other cultures around the world.

I started quilting in 1985 with my first quilt being a machine appliqued baby quilt. I had little idea of what I was doing but I made it work anyway. My heart was filled when I saw the child wrapped in the quilt, keeping her warm on a chilly evening!!

My quilting interests vary greatly!!! 

When I just want to sew and not have to think, I will work on a scrap quilt. Nothing feels better than putting all of those unrelated fabrics together and having it turn into something special.

If I want to make a “thinking quilt” (ie something more challenging), I gravitate to inspirations from our travels.  I particularly enjoy making collage type quilts.

Most importantly, I enjoy encouraging other quilters in their journeys. To that end, I love being involved in my local quilt guild and truly enjoy speaking to guilds about the creative process.

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