Quilts and Other Stuff from Frances

Travel Log Quilts

Along with your trip souvenirs, bring back a quilt inspiration!!

"Aussie Dreams"

When my husband asked if I had anything soft to pack around a souvenir that he purchased on a trip to Australia, I just needed a quick trip to the fabric store!!!

"Escala Azule"

After the previous quilt from Porto, Portugal, I decided to make even more stairs…

"Casa Amarela"

A trek up and down the hilly streets of Porto, Portugal inspired this fun yellow house quilt.

"Peacock Pavilion"

An amazing trip to the Mysore Palace in India  produced the inspiration for one of my favorite quilts!!

Kew Flower

A morning in Kew Gardens in London provided the photo for a super simple travel memory quilt!!

"Ten Around Penhill"

A 10-mile hike around the Yorkshire Dales provided lots of memories for this fun photo quilt.

Under the Sea

The sea turtle is the rock star in this undersea quilt….

"Eye-Ful" Perspectives

From gay Paree….a different view of the Eiffel Tower….

Bells, Baths & Bidets

Where does the quilter go for inspiration….a Roman Bathroom of course……

Take Me Back to Guana Quay

The Bahamas call to us all…….

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