It’s Who You Travel With….

Back in 2016, my guild issued a Self-Portrait challenge that eventually turned into a Travel-Log Quilt.

The parameters of the challenge were that it had to….

  • be a self-portrait
  • have overall diameter of 80 inches
  • have a discernable patch of red

As I thought about who I was, I realized that I……..AM….A…..TRAVELER!!! And, I wanted the quilt to somehow represent that fact.

We had a photo that had been taken of us when we were in Italy in 2010, visiting the city of Gaeta. If you want to read about the day…..

One of the favorite things that Michael and I enjoy when we are traveling is to walk hand-in-hand and enjoy the sights. This is the inspiration photo…..

I started out by tinting the photo to Black & white and enhancing the red in my shirt…..

Next, I needed something to go around the photo, and a “Trip Around the World” block seemed appropriate…..

But, it wasn’t quite big enough so I needed to add a border……or two!!

I love this quote which has been attributed to many different people, but my favorite rendition of it is this…..

That saying proved to be the perfect finish to this fun quilt…..

4 thoughts on “It’s Who You Travel With….

  1. Fun challenge topic and I love your spin on it….always wish I could learn to do the math to make borders on an original quilt design…I’m clueless but enjoyed seeing your quilt.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. It was a fun quilt to make. Just to let you know, I often make my borders way too big and then cut them down after I have finished the top and can see what will help the design more!!

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