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Turning the corners!!

As I have been posting for the past few weeks, I am working thru Angela Walters’ “Fabulous Feathers Free Motion Quilting Challenge”.

We are nearing the end of the challenge and have four of these corners left to do……

The first technique that she showed was making the feather in TWO parts but having it look like it was continuous!!

The first step was to draw a diagonal line at the corner…..

She also reminded us that, since we were at the edge of the quilt, we needed to give room for the binding, so I drew lines to remind me not to veer into the seam allowance……

The first step was to quilt a line down the middle of one side, ending with the first feather near the marked line……

I feathered my way back to where I had started but got a little carried away when I got to the end…..

OOPPSSS…..although this is a practice piece and it didn’t REALLY matter, I went ahead and picked it out!!!

OKAY….the first plume looks pretty good…..

To start the second half of the corner, I moved the needle to the end of the first plume…..

….and stitched the spine to the other side and started the return plume…..

The end product is this…..

On the other corner, I chose to make the plume all in one pass…….

Interestingly there isn’t much difference in how these look, but the 2-part feather seemed to be a bit easier, especially where it rounded the inside corner. This photo is from the “all-at-one-time: attempt…..

One week and two corners yet to go……

Do you enjoy quilting feathers??

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