Fancy Stitching at IQF

As you would expect, there was some AMAZING quilting at the International Quilt Festival!!

In many cases, the stitching was used to alter the fabric color and this quilt was made with only the orange background and thread…..

“African Sunset” by Claire Wallace

Look at the individual parts of the quilt…..

The same thing was present in this fun quilt……

“And… (dot dot dot)” by Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchison

All of that white lace is white thread……

Much of the above was done as threadwork before quilting, but the quality of the quilting was CRAZY as well!!!

Look at how the quilting changes the look of each of these blocks that were part of a Double Wedding Ring quilt by Ben Darby…..

Every year there is a quilt by Mikyung Jang. She certainly understands what stitching can do…..

“Songkwangsa Temple” by Mikyung Jang

Just look at this detail…..

In many cases, the quilting was used to alter the background of a quilt…..

“Reborn” by Molly Hamilton-McNally

If nothing else, I learned that I REALLY need to “up my game” where my quilting is concerned!!!!

Come back tomorrow to see lots of landscape and collage quilts!!

Let ‘er rip!!

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I had SO much fun quilting the Teddy Bear Baby quilt…..

Since I was “in the groove” I decided to keep on quilting, this time on a charity quilt that had been in my “to-do” pile for almost a year!!!

As I quilted along on it, I realized that I felt comfortable going FASTER!!  I normally set my speed to about 50-60% but this time I ramped it up to 80%…..

….and after a few minutes at that speed, moved on up to 100%!!

It was SO much fun!!

I put together a video of some of the quilting that day. You will hear a bit of muttering from me as I stop and contemplate what I am going to quilt next…..

Here are a few up-close photos of the quilting….

There was so much freedom in “letting ‘er rip”.  I hope that you will try it on your machine!! 

And please consider joining “MOVE IT….a free-motion quilting bootcamp”.   Here are the details……

You can sign up HERE.

What a difference the quilting makes!!

I have had so much fun quilting the baby quilt that I showed yesterday It was amazing to be able to quilt it quickly and to use so many of the designs that I have been learning this year, including a few rulers as well!!

The easiest way to show you is with a video, so…..enjoy……

As I was looking at photos to post, I found a before and after and realized just how much difference the quilting makes……

AND, yesterday I received a photo of sweet Emily Ann enjoying her quilt…..

Does it get any sweeter than this????

In the video I mentioned FMQ Boot Camp. If you are interested, check out this video…..

….and sign up HERE

Making larger spaces smaller…..

One of the things that I have learned from Angela Walters Ruler-FMQ challenge is the importance of taking a large space and turning it into something special.

The best way to do this is to make the area smaller and split it into different motifs.

In this case, I was filling in an empty space on the Ruler-FMQ challenge.

I started by using an arch edge to make three passes across the sides of the blocks…..

Since the ruler was smaller than the side, I would stitch to the middle of the ruler and then move it over to meet the other corner.

After I made one pass around the block, I used the 1/4″ foot to free-hand two more passes, adding a teardrop in each corner…..

I then used a Westalee ruler to create a motif in the center of the square…..

I really like the final result…..

As I look at it now, I am thinking that it might be fun to add some back-and-forth squiggly lines inside those outer arches.

I will wait until I quilt the borders and then decide if it needs more.

A long time coming….

This week I was able to mark another item off of my task board…..

…and it has been a LONG time coming!!!

I started this quilt back in 2011 after a trip to China. HERE is the original post about that quilt. The post is aptly titled “Congratulations Mrs. Arnold…. it’s a boring quilt”!!

Then, after sitting for 8 years, I decided to make it unboring!! You can read that post here…..

So all that was left was the quilting. Easy right??

If it was so easy, why has it taken me 2 years to get it done? That is a question for the ages!!

Early on in the process, I started with the straight line quilting in the bamboo and was happy with what I had done…..

After a bit of hesitation, I decided to quilt the striped borders simply….

And then I got stuck again!!!

How was I going to quilt the outside border?? I thought and thought about it and actually started quilting a few designs that I didn’t like and picked out.

THEN….I was listening to an Angela Walters video and she made the profound statement…..”If you are not going to SEE the quilting, then don’t spend a lot of time on it”!!

WOW. That was a refreshing thought and you would definitely NOT see the quilting in that outside border!!

So, wavy parallel lines it was….

I even got lazy and used my sit-down long arm to put the facing on!! The only thing that I did differently was that I put my left hand behind the needle and used it to pull the fabric thru……

And boom….just like that it was finished!!

This has definitely been one of those projects that was in my “too-hard” basket and boy does it feel good to have it done!!!