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Jungle Frog….

It has been over a month since I posted a “Travel Log” quilt and the next one in line is a fun quilt that was also a guild challenge.

Let me give you the background……

In 2011, Michael and I spent 5 weeks in China while he lectured around the country. The final week was spent in the “Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanic Gardens”. This is a gorgeous place and I spent many fun hours taking photos of the flowers and foliage…..

We also returned there in 2018 and I had a marvelous time photographing the area. If you are interested…..

But…back to the quilt…..

Not long after we returned to the US, our guild issued a challenge to make a quilt that was 40-inches square, and had complimentary colors!!

I asked my scientist husband about his thoughts and he mentioned that there were some frogs that were green with red eyes. THAT sounded interesting, but I wasn’t sure that a 40-inch frog would do it!!

Then I started thinking about the photos that I had taken and began planning a jungle theme.

My first step was to clear off my design wall and mark out a 40-inch square…..

I then started printing out photos and outlines of jungle motifs. Some were from my photos and some from the internet, and the quilt started to grow….

At this point, I decided that there was more than enough to work with and I switched to fabric……

….and the quilt grew and grew…..

The frog was added…..

…and a red beaded flower….

I LOVED the final quilt…….

It is a SWEET reminder of a fun trip to the tropics of southern China!!

8 thoughts on “Jungle Frog….

  1. Oh my goodness, just about time for bed and I come across this. I am glad that you shared your process of doing this, what an idea to dream of tonight. Who wouldn’t love a Jungle frog? Awesome.

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