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A Change of Cuisine

Michael and I love all kinds of food!! He loves to cook all kinds of food and I love to EAT all kinds of food.

In the past, his specialty has been Italian and we have enjoyed amazing Pork Milanese, Lemon Pasta, Turkey Meatloaf, and other delights!!

For Christmas, he was given a book about Indian food and decided to give a few recipes a try.

But first, he needed to make a Masala!!

A Masala is a blend of ground spices and you don’t just go out and buy a bottle…..you make it yourself!!

The recipe that he wanted to start with needed two different Masalas that used THESE spices……

He started the process by putting all of the seeds and pods into a small skillet and toasting them slightly…..

As the wonderful aroma permeated the house, it compelled me to join in the fun!!

It also called for ground Nutmeg…..but not pre-ground in a jar, but from a whole Nutmeg…..

All of this was added to the spice grinder……

….and the grinding began. Again, the aroma was amazing!!

So, at the end of the first cooking session, there were two bags of Masala…..Garam and Chat.

NOW…what to use them for!!!

The first meal was “Kati rolls with Pickled Onion and Green Chilli (the Indian spelling of Chili) Salad” and it was magnificent……

The meat was pilled on the Paratha bread, topped with pickled onions and a dollop of Yogurt…..


Pantone Fabric Pull

Last weekend I posted about the Pantone Color of the Year…..

….followed by lots of different palette ideas on the next day…..

NOW it was time to get into the studio and pull some fabrics!!

The fabrics on the top shelves were easy to see…..

But those on the bottom shelves were impossible to get to…..

…..unless I threw myself into it and just sat on the floor…..

This was much better and LOOK at all of those fun fabrics.

I started out by putting the color on my phone and matching fabrics to it. I was amazed to find all of these…..

Next, I started looking at fabrics where Magenta was an accent color…..


Isn’t that a gorgeous mix of colors!!!

SO…..what if I made THIS my colorway and started looking for fabrics to match!!

How about this one……

Or this……

And don’t get me started about this one…..

Before long my table looked like this…..

…. a GLORIOUS mass of colors!!

But it was time to refine it a bit!! I started by putting down a whiteboard so that the bright purple cutting mat didn’t distort the colors……

….and I started adding fabrics……

It was going to need a background fabric so I added these creams…..

But when I did that, I sort of lost the “accent fabric”!!

So, it was back to the inspiration fabric…..

SO…..this is where I have left it!!

And I know you are asking…..


The truthful answer is that I have NO idea!!! I have been thinking about playing with “Half-Square Rectangles”, so something may come from that.

But, even if I don’t make anything, it was still fun playing with fabrics!!

What would you make??

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Grid quilting – harder than it looks!!

Last week I told you about getting some practice sandwiches ready to try grid quilting…..

but, as I started trying to draw some of them out, I found that they were a LOT harder than I expected…..

So, I decided to backtrack a bit and try some easier designs.

Watch and see how things worked out……

Having said in the video that the first one wasn’t very good, as I looked at the photo the next day….

, I realized that it really isn’t all that bad!!!

Here is the final one…..

My next step is going to be to add something else to these….maybe another petal shape inside the existing one or maybe adding some stitching in the centers.

Have you tried grid quilting??

Have you used rulers in your quilting yet?

If you are interested in trying, please check out my new online course “Keeping It Straight – 8 Ways to Use a Straight-Edged Quilting Ruler”…..

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