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Monarch Quilting – Part 1

When I left you, the Monarch quilt was at this stage…..

Now it was time to think about some of the quilting. Because there are a number of layers in this quilt, it is going to be a process of quilt some, embellish some, quilt some more, embellish some more!!

As I started the quilting process, I set up the camera so that it would capture my work.

Now, I am not going to make you watch all 5 hours, but here is a smattering of the initial quilting…..

(IF you receive notification of this blog via email, the video will NOT appear and you will need to click into the actual blog to get to the video. It’s one of those “technical” issues I can’t do anything about!!)

Tomorrow I will show you the decision process that I used to decide HOW to quilt the background and the following day, I will share some of that quilting process.

Stick around for more!!

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Jejuri Temple Inspiration

Back in 2016, we spent several weeks in India and one VERY memorable Saturday visiting the Jejuri Temple just outside of Pune.

I took a photo of this ceiling as we were leaving the temple and as I have looked at it over the years, I am interested in the dimension that it exudes. Sometimes I only see a flat design when I look, but sometimes I feel as if it has some dimension to it. Perhaps it was painted in a dome and that is the dimension that I see, but either way, I really like it!!!

…and would love to use the pieced circles in a quilt someday!!

Our day at the temple was one of the most memorable of our trip and…..the yellow doesn’t come out!! If that intrigues you, read further……

So….a fun day of sightseeing AND a new quilt inspiration…..


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A new way to Franken-Bat

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Last week I showed you the new way that I had learned to make a Franken-batting……..

I was so proud of my discovery when several people mentioned that a product was made SPECIFICALLY for that purpose.



Apparently, it works EXACTLY the way my method did but you don’t have to cut the strips.

If you want to try it out, it can be purchased HERE

I shouldn’t be surprised that someone had already thought of it…. wish that it had been ME!!!

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