Prewound Bobbins….yea or nay??

I HATE to wind bobbins, especially when I am in the middle of a project and have to stop and unthread everything.

I have recently been hearing people talking about pre-wound bobbins and my initial, frugal reaction was “why would I want to spend money on those?”

THEN, I started thinking about the fact that I would have been paying money for the thread anyway, and what I was saving was TIME, and we all know how valuable IT is!!

So, I relaxed my purse strings and purchased two sets of Pre-wound bobbins for Julio, my Juki Sit-Down long arm……

I loaded a cream-colored one into the bobbin casing and started quilting……

Okay….the top looks GREAT!!!

But the BIG test is how the back looks…..

WOW….even on this loose-weaved practice fabric, the tension looks amazing.

I think that I have found a keeper!!!

So where are you…..Prewound Bobbins………