Quilting tool with a story!!

Like most quilters, I cannot live without my rotary cutter!!

But even more than that, I love the story surrounding my first rotary cutter…….

Let me set the stage for you…..

It is December of 1985 and my husband and I have traveled from Canberra Australia and are visiting our parents in Abilene, Texas. And, more importantly to them, we have a 6-month old grandson in tow!!

My ever-resourceful Father bought us a Polaroid camera and said that he wanted to be a member of the “picture of the month club”!! The idea is that we would mail one photo each month so that he could see his grandson grow up. Remember, this was LONG before the digital age!!!

The day before we left to return to Canberra, Dad took me to a discount store to purchase more film for the camera. As we walked past the craft department, a package similar to this one caught my eye…..

….except that the rotary cutter was smaller, the mat was skinnier and there was a 4.5-inch plexiglass ruler included.

Needless to say, I was intrigued!!!!

Dad saw my interest and immediately picked it up and put it in our basket!!

I found a place to tuck it into the suitcase and happily carried it home.

It took another few years before I REALLY learned how to use it and, amazingly I still own the original cutter……

….although it is now designated for “paper use only”.

It was typical that my Dad saw my interest and jumped in to encourage me….that is just who he was!!!

Do you have a favorite quilting memory?