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Busy, busy weekend

As you might imagine, I spent a lot of time in my studio this weekend but am super happy with the progress that I made.

I did a bit of fabric folding just to see how the new shelves are going to work. After trying several different sizes of folds, I discovered that the 6 inch width worked best. But, I did use a smaller one (5-1/2) to fold the larger lengths. They just get way too wide when you start with the 6 inch ruler.

This process is pretty slow but I think that I will enjoy it once I have everything out to see!!’

The one problem that I have to solve is what to do with all of the pieces that are too small to fold this way but too big to toss into the scrap bin. For now I am just putting them aside and will think about it at the end.

I debated long and hard about what type of storage to use under the cutting table and finally opted for 4 drawer systems……

These hold all of my cut strips and leftover bits. I need one more small unit (like the one on the left) to finish the storage. I especially like that the units form a surface for the ruler rack to stand, making everything right at my fingertips. And, there is just enough space between the drawers to stand my light board!!

On the other side, I put a small shelf system that holds my cut scrap squares, and my bead and embroidery supplies. The basket will hold all of the scraps that need to be sorted and cut.

I built this IKEA drawer system with the idea of using it to store all of my thread…..

….. but it didn’t end up being the best solution for my Gutermann threads so those will stay as the are right now (in plastic cases on the left). The top works perfectly for a small ironing station.

However, I LOVE having these drawers close to my machine. The top drawer has all of my bits and pieces……

One has my quilting rulers…..

And one has all of the cone threads that had previously been hanging on the wall….

There are still several drawers that are empty, but I am sure that I will find a good use for them before long.

This is how my sewing station looks…..

This is my new ironing table.

The original ironing board belonged to my Grandmother and it is SO sturdy!!! I was mentioning to one of my friends that I was planning to build a new top for an ironing surface and she said “I have one that I don’t need anymore…..do you want it!!!”. It works wonderfully!!!

I am pleased with the flow of the work stations……

I am thinking that it will be super easy to move between ironing, cutting and sewing.

I have partially finished the design wall, but ran out of oomph so it will wait until a later date.

The list of things to finish up is HUGE and I know that it will be much later before I get it all together, but I am happy with this basic setup.

Now…..to work….the real kind and not the fun kind!!!

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