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Next step for the studio…..

As you might guess, in the last few months I have spent a lot of time scanning the internet for ideas about how to organize my studio. Somewhere along the way, I saw the idea of having a small rolling cart that can be used when at the design wall.

In my previous set up, there simply wasn’t room to have this, but with the more open space of my new studio, I decided that I would give it a try.

A quick trip to Amazon yielded the cart of my dreams……

The shelves are approximately 16×13 and it is 34 inches high.

The top shelf will hold a simple pin cushion to hold the pins that I use on the design wall and any blocks or other fabrics that are needed close at hand when I am laying something out…..

I am a bit in limbo about what exactly will fit into the second shelf, but I feel sure that I will find a good use for it.

The bottom shelf holds a small step stool…….

Even though I am fairly tall, I have found that this really helps when I am trying to pin up a large quilt…..

This is how I am envisioning the cart working……

It seems so much easier to have all of the pins right beside me rather than having to stretch here and there to find one, especially when I am trying to hold several blocks in place at one time!!! I also love that it is so easy to move between areas of the design wall, and the sleek design means that it is easily stored and out of the way when not needed.

It will be interesting to see if this is as useful as I think that it will be!!! I will keep you updated……

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