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Another challenge….this time with rulers!!!

Since I have had so much fun working on Angela Walters Flora and Foliage challenge AND because I learned SO much from it, I have been excited to start one of her older challenges. This one uses rulers and I am looking forward to learning more about my rulers and find new ways to use them!!!

The first week features straight edge rulers and using them to quilt line designs. The first design looked complicated but was amazingly simple to do.

It is worked in sections but ends up looking like a cohesive unit.

I quilted it using Angela’s “Slim” ruler…..

I will say that this design is fairly time-consuming and I would have to REALLY love someone to do this in a large area!!!

Secondly, we did a swirl design…..

I did cheat a bit on this one because I have done it before!! It was one of the first designs that I tried when I bought my rulers this time last year. I posted some fairly detailed instructions for this design and you can check it out HERE.

One of the things that Angela encouraged us to do was to quilt several lines along the edge of the blocks to make the square a bit smaller and easier to work on. I chose to add 1/2 inch of quilting on two sides of the square…..

2 thoughts on “Another challenge….this time with rulers!!!

    1. I like that name!!! It is a fun design to do and is really easy….as long as I keep my wits about me when I am getting toward the center!!! It is awfully easy to head to the wrong corner when it is really small!!

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