“NO” to the new iron

Last month I put out a plea as I was looking for an iron that would get hotter than the one that I had.

I thought that getting a higher wattage iron would help and, after doing some research, I purchased this 1800 watt iron…..

It is a nice iron and it gets hot fast, but it really isn’t any hotter than my normal iron!!

Then it dawned on me that the wattage won’t make it hotter but the temperature setting WOULD!!

So, I returned to my favorite iron….

….and simply bumped it up one temperature setting!!!

And….voila….I had just what I was looking for!!

So the new iron went back to Amazon and I am enjoying my old iron even more!!

The second iron in my studio is a cordless Panasonic….

It doesn’t get nearly as hot, even on high, and it takes a while to warm up, but when I am ironing larger pieces of fabric, it is sweet to not have to worry about the cord!!!

So now I am happy with the iron situation in my studio, so let’s quit talking and get back to sewing!!

3 thoughts on ““NO” to the new iron

  1. They used to make iron cord holders. Tall with a clamp and cord holder at top. Wonder if they still make them ? (Had to look it up.. they do ! Amazon has one for $10 bucks.. a “Cord Minder”).

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