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Seam Rippers get dull???

Did you know that your seam ripper gets dull just like your scissors do??

I have had the same seam ripper for YEARS and years….

….and I love to use it…..well, not really LOVE to use it because that means I have made a mistake and am having to un-sew…..

But, you know what I mean!!

I had noticed that this particular tool was not performing as well as it used to but that thought had stayed in the back of my brain and hadn’t really made it into the front of my brain.

At our last quilt retreat, one of the gifts given to each participant was a new seam ripper.

OH MY GOODNESS…..what a difference it made.

I also like this new one because two of the sides are flat meaning that it doesn’t roll off of my slightly unbalanced sewing table!!

So the moral of this story is……unless you are the perfect quilter……


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