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Several times in my quilting career I needed graph paper to design a quilt, and sometimes I even needed Hexagons or Isometric Triangles.

You can’t just pop down to the store and pick up a pad of those!!

As I searched online for a source of this graph paper, I came across several sites that will allow you to print it yourself….or at least save it as a pdf.

You might check out PRINT FREE GRAPH PAPER. You don’t have as many options as to the size of the designs, but if you are just planning, you probably don’t care too much.

Also, what if you need a 3.5-inch hexagon pattern for your newest English-Paper-Piecing project???


They have over 1,400 different patterns….

…and many are available in multiple sizes.

Just like the graph paper, when you click on the design, it is downloaded as a pdf file and then you can print as MANY copies as you like.

The moral of this story…..

Don’t reinvent the wheel when you need something. Make good use of the internet and check online for it first!!

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