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Quilt Rolling…it’s a thing!!

THE most popular post that I have written was about rolling quilts to store them and I wanted to replay it today.

Here is the video…..

And here is the state of the shelf right now…..

Certainly not as neat as it started out, but that is okay….it still works.

Over this past year of storing rolled quilts, I have realized that the folds are all along the outside edge and don’t have the full weight of the quilt pressing down on them. I think that is the reason that this works so well!!

The large roll on the top shelf is comprised of 7 art quilts that are basically the same size. I laid them on top of one another and carefully rolled the entire stack over a pool noodle.

If you want to read the original post…..

How do you store your quilts???

One thought on “Quilt Rolling…it’s a thing!!

  1. What a great idea, I somehow had missed seeing g this in Bonnie’s blog! I will have to start doing g this as I go through my quilts!

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