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It happens to all of us……

A needle breaks, a pin bends!!

But what do I do with it now???

I used to put them into my studio trashcan but got worried that I would forget they were in there and would stab myself when I was pushing down the trash. Now, I know that I could just empty the trash can more often, but who does that!!!

Instead, I started putting them into an old pill bottle……

It is a safe way to store them…..

….and when it is full, I can safely throw the entire bottle away!!

How do you dispose of them?

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10 thoughts on “Broken….

  1. I use a gum container (large plastic) it not only holds bent and broken needles and pins but used rotary blades as well. When full I deposit contents in a red sharps container. I keep it in my sewing machine tote so it’s always handy.

  2. Broken sewing machine needles are great as the “nail” for calendars since the hole in calendars is SO small. We liveve in a very small space and I have 5 calendars.

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