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Saved by the Chopstick!!

Back in 2011, Michael and I spent 5 weeks in Kunming China, living in a 6th-floor walk-up apartment. If you would like to read about one of our typical days, check this out…..

As this blog post tells, we would often eat lunch at a local cafeteria that catered to the University professors and students.

Naturally, since we couldn’t speak the language, we reverted to the famous “SMILE AND POINT” method!!! After we had our tray filled with unknown foods….

…we would head to our table and pick up our chopsticks. At this point, EVERYONE in the dining room would turn to watch the two white people ATTEMPT to eat. Michael was much better than I was….

…and would almost always manage to get the food to his mouth.

OKAY….story over…..now on to the POINT of this post!!

I have a set of quilt-hanging hooks that I love!! ….

They are called “Hang Ups” and they have a screw clamp on the front and a single hole on the back…..

This hole means that you can hang a quilt on just ONE nail or even a pushpin.

OKAY….that is the introduction…..now I PROMISE that we are getting to the point!!!

I used this hanger to hang a small quilt that did not have a sleeve on it and, as you might have guessed, this is what happened…..

I REALLY didn’t want to make a sleeve but was tired of it falling forward so I got an idea!!!

What if I put two large safety pins on the back…..

….and threaded a Chopstick thru them….

The result was that the quilt now lies perfectly flat…..

THAT is a good use for a chopstick!!!!

7 thoughts on “Saved by the Chopstick!!

    1. Thanks Karen. Several people have suggested using “Campfire sticks for roasting marshmallows. I like that even better because I could use smaller safety pins!!

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