Hand quilting tip…..

No, you have not strayed onto some unknown page….. you are still at “Frances Quilts”!!

Today’s tip comes from my friend Denise who is an amazing hand quilter!!!

She quilts on a floor frame and I was interested to see rows and rows of pins stuck from the top to the back of the quilt…….

When I asked her what the heck was going on, she informed me that she used pins to mark the lines she was about to quilt!!

As she quilts a line, she removes the pin….

She said that she enjoys this process because she doesn’t have to use a pen or pencil to mark her lines and NEVER has to worry if the markings will come out.


Her simple solution allows this…..

…..to become this…..

Many thanks to Denise for this great idea!!

3 thoughts on “Hand quilting tip…..

  1. How does she keep from sticking herself. Do you know anyone who would like a nice floor frame. I have one I would like to give to s good home

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