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Just PIN IT!!!

Two years ago I added on to my studio and completely reorganized it, upgrading several aspects of the room.

One of those was to build a larger design wall and then figure out which pins were best to use.

I started out with my normal quilt pins…..round head and flower head……

They were long and thin and didn’t work well at all!!

Next, I bought these “Magic Pins”……

….thinking that the “handle” would be easy to use.

Unfortunately, they were very thin and bent with just the slightest resistance.

Okay….thin pins don’t work, how about short, thicker ones??

I tried these……

…and found that they worked quite well.

The only problem that I had was when I was trying to hold a bunch of layers of fabric on the wall. Then, they would either bend or come loose and the fabrics would topple to the floor.

Last month, I attended a training session for our guild and the instructor mentioned that she used Corsage pins on her design wall……

The heads are large, making them easy to grip.

The pins are long, meaning that they can EASILY hold a bunch of fabric layers

IF they bend, they can easily be straightened out again!!

And they are amazing for holding quilts in place…..

I now believe that I have answered the question of which pins to use on a design wall.

As I said in the title of this post……


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