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A little dot of glue…..

A few months ago my guild provided a workshop from a Judy Niemeyer representative. Although I have done a fair amount of paper piecing, it has never been a favorite technique.

But, I was excited to attend the workshop, knowing that I would learn something new…..


The instructor encouraged us to use a glue stick to position the pieces before we sewed them.

So….. if I was ready to sew the next piece onto this set, I would put a few dots of glue on the edge of the piece that I had just done…..

Then lay the next piece on, adhering it to the previous one…..

….and then flip it over BEFORE sewing to be sure that it is positioned correctly…..

Now THAT is a tip that I can USE!!!

Come back on Thursday and I will talk more about this workshop!!

3 thoughts on “A little dot of glue…..

  1. I am not a fan of applique, but my hubby picked out a pattern of a bear he liked that requires a fair amount of curved applique, so I had to make it! The pattern uses this trick too, and I am using it instead of pins- I love it!

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