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Pre-Cut washing….really!!

Let me start by saying that I am a fabric washer!! I know that there is a lot of controversy about this but it is something that I do.

I even wash small scraps given to me by friends and others who know I quilt and magically pop up with bags of leftovers!!

I am also allergic to cats so it is essential that all used fabrics I receive be well-washed.

BUT….what about pre-cuts??

I already struggle with some of them because of the pinked edges. trying to figure out exactly where I should line up the edges.

Others seem to be cut unpredictably, making it hard to get a consistent size block or strip.

So, I worry about adding yet another variable to this mix by washing them.

I recently ran across a YouTube video that gives a great idea for how to wash those pre-cuts…..

Now, I am honestly not sure that I would spend the time doing this, but I love the idea of using a salad spinner to remove excess water.

THAT I might use in other situations!!

Would you ever try this??

If you are thinking about diving into ruler machine quilting, check out this course that will give you confidence in using a straight-edged ruler!!

2 thoughts on “Pre-Cut washing….really!!

  1. Looks like a great idea but would take a lot of time. I wonder if you could put the scraps in a lingerie/stocking bag and wash in the washer.

    1. I have washed them that way before and it certainly helps them not to fray as much but some did anyway. I agree about the time involved. It would have to be something that I was REALLY worried about before I would go thru this!!

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