Inspiration Tuesday….

Now that the Mozambique trip is officially over, I can go back to showing photos and designs that inspire me to make quilts…..more quilts than I would EVER be able to make!!!

In 2018, we spent several weeks in China and one Friday, I went out for a walk in Kunming. I ended up in an area that had lots of military statues and murals. If you like, you can read about the outing HERE.

Among the stonework, I found this stylized flower garden…..

Can’t you see this made with various green strips of fabric for the stems and leaves and bright ovals for the flowers.

Now that I look at the photo, I see the one flower that is different. I wonder why they did that!!!!

As I always say…..Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!!!!

The joys of Show and Tell

Like much of the world, my quilt guild hasn’t met for the past year. We have had online “Show and Tell” nights and online meetings for the last 5 months but it isn’t the same as BEING THERE!!

This past week, we had an IN-PERSON show-and-tell night and it was SO much fun.

There were only 8 of us there and we all started out sitting in our spaced out seats….


……once the quilts came out, we quickly moved together and started enjoying the show!!

All of the projects were wonderful but there were a few little bits that stuck with me…..

I love to use a series of wavy lines in the border of my quilts but am never happy with the way it turns the corner. Pat solved that problem by having each of the lines run off of the edge, meaning that you end up with a cross-hatch design in the corners…..

She also loves to use a variable cross-hatch on the quilt itself…..

It really is an effective way to quilt an overall design.

This bag was made starting with a panel and then adding thread painting and other embellishments to it….

It was amazing and I now own the book that describes how to do the embellishments!!

One of the quilts was a Hawaiian-style applique and I love that the blanket-stitch is applied with the “points” going outward…..

It adds so much to the design!!!

Finally, have a look at this amazing scarf……

I REALLY want to make a shorter version of this and turn it into a spring-time wall hanging!!

I found the entire night to be encouraging, inspirational and a fantastic break in the monotony of “social distancing”!!

A little while back I had a fortune cookie with this inside……


REMEMBER that “MOVE IT!! – A Free-Motion Quilting Bootcamp” is now live!! Check out this video for more…..

If you are interested, you can sign up HERE……

Quilt inspiration on the street

There is a small street that I drive down at least once a month and was amazed that I had never noticed this small bit of tile work…..

NOW, I notice it EVERY TIME that I drive past.

Wouldn’t it be fun to do this in strips with the rounded parts being formed by the angle that the strips are connected to each other. Maybe something like this…

AND, it would be even easier if you appliqued the strips together rather than trying to get an exact angle by piecing!!

AND, if you did the strips in a hombre arrangement, it would be even better!!

TOO many thoughts!!