This looks fun!!

As I was looking for more inspiration to share, I came across another of those anonymous pages of designs that I saved at some point…..they could literally be 30 years old!!!

These were the ones that caught my eye…..

I started with the design on the left and pulled it into Electric Quilt and quickly came up with this pattern…..

I think that we can all agree that it is fairly boring!!!

But, when I alternated the blocks with the second design (and changed the colors a bit) the design turned into an amazing kaleidoscope……

I looks like a complicated design, but I think that it could be broken down into something fairly easy to piece….I will definitely need to think about this one some more!!

Fun Border Inspiration

This is another design from some random page of ideas that I printed off MANY years ago…..

…BUT…..wouldn’t this be a fun border pattern!!

It would be complicated to piece but might look REALLY good as a FMQ design!!! You could probably even use rulers!!

Now that I think about it, you could quilt it first and then paint it.

Something else to add to the list of “Things to try someday!!”

Inspiration in Atlanta

It’s Tuesday…….

This inspiration is a bit closer to home, coming from Atlanta, Georgia!!! I saw this one day while we were driving to the Shakespeare Theater in Midtown Atlanta. I have no idea what this building is, but I love the tile work around the front windows…..

Looking closer, I see a wonderful border pattern……

This just goes to prove that, when you quilt, inspiration is EVERYWHERE!!!

Inspirational Ceilings

In 2015, Michael and I spent several weeks in Colombia, starting out with a week in Bogota. As an aside, Bogota has THE most wonderful museums!! I spent every day out and about while Michael was working and still didn’t get to see everything that I wanted.

But, I digress…. On our first day there, one of the students, Juliana, picked us up at our hotel and spent the day ushering us around the city. The first destination was Mount Monserrate which overlooks the city of Bogota. We enjoyed the morning eating delicacies from the street vendors and wandering around the mountain top.

There is a church located there….. Iglesia Basilica del Senor de Monserrate….and that is where my inspiration came from. A small chapel in the back of the church was designed as a semicircle and the ceilings were magnificent!!!

The stained glass wasn’t bad either!!

If you want to read about our Colombian travels, they start with THIS blog post……