Travel here we come!!

HOORAY….travel is returning!!

Today, Michael and I are flying out to Mozambique and will be in the bush for about 3 weeks.

While there, he will be researching a book that he is writing about the rebuilding of an ecosystem there. I am helping with the interviews and doing lots of photography. It is a bit daunting to be in charge of photos that will be used in a book, a Ted-X talk, and major magazine articles!!

I am hoping to blog while we are there but it is doubtful that the internet will cooperate!!

SO….. I am going to take you on a tour of the art in my studio!! I have so many fun items that have been procured over the years and I want to share them with you.

Come back tomorrow to start touring……

“Blew” Two….

Yesterday, I posted about my entry in the “I’m so Blue” guild challenge.

Normally, I am finishing my challenges on the day that they are due, or maybe the day before if I am really organized, but, with this one, the idea came quickly and I was finished over a month before the due date…. UN-HEARD OF!!

Just after I finished it, I was talking to another guild member (Sue) and she said that she would make it different by using the other spelling/meaning of blue……ie BLEW!!

Just after our conversation, we made another trip to Kunming, China where I spied this wonderful bronze statue…..

I adored the look on the man’s face….

….not to mention the little boy at the back…..

Now THAT is a great example of “BLEW”!!

When we returned home, I called Sue and asked if she had ever acted on her inspiration. She said that she had not and that I was welcome to use the idea.

I started with the photo itself, tweaking it to enhance the color…..

I used the pinwheel as my inspiration and added a bunch of small pinwheels and two larger 3-D pinwheels….

….and added the beaded “stick” to meet the embellishment and blue requirements.

I made a couple of paper quilts to test out the quilting designs….

….but finally decided on wavy parallel lines in a metallic thread….

I love the final product…..

…particularly the way that the fabrics worked together.

And, as a plus, it is another fun “Travel Log Quilt” that reminds me of a trip to Kunming!!