Picking fabrics…a love/hate relationship!!

In the next few weeks, I am starting a new series called “Twelve ways to quilt a Sawtooth Star”. I am super excited about this and have been madly working on quilting designs but FIRST, I need to make a quilt top!!

These were my thoughts as I spent over an hour trying to pick fabrics…….

Since I didn’t have a plan for this quilt, I decided to use a paint color palette to pick my fabrics. I also had two fabrics that I was enjoying so picked a palette to go with them…..

I added a few more fabrics…..

But, as I looked at it, I simply couldn’t wrap my head around how this was going to be a pretty quilt!!

Then I came across THIS palette…..

Now THOSE colors speak to me!!!

I picked my first set of colors…..

….thinking that I was done.

But, what if I added this fun fabric…..

Of course, that would mean that I needed to add some darker blues to the mix.

How about this one…..

I liked that, but if I am using the quilt to highlight FMQ, maybe it shouldn’t be such a dense print!!

Next was this one…..

That might work, but the yellow is a bit too bright!! And, if I am using a yellow for the inside of the stars, I probably don’t need the two yellows in the center!!

This is better. Yellow print for the inside of the stars, solids for the star points, and beige for the background…….

But as I started cutting the background (beige) fabric, I realized that I didn’t have enough……ARGH!!!!!

So, what if I split the yellows up into two different fabrics, and maybe add a border/sash fabric…..

AT LAST!!!!!!!

The fabrics are cut and ready to sew……

I think that I am going to LOVE this colorway!!

Do you go thru this process when you pick fabrics? It was frustrating at times but I am truly happy with what I ended up with!!!