Thread Holder Mumu….

Are you old enough to remember Mumu’s??

Growing up in the 70’s, I immediately think of Mama Cass Elliot…..

Now, you may be asking…..exactly what does this have to do with THREAD???

Let me backtrack…..

This time last year I purchased a rolling drawer system to house my threads. You can read about it here……

At the time, I said that I needed to make a cover for the case to keep all of the fabric-related smutz out, but that never happened. Part of my procrastination was that I knew I would need to make a pattern and then figure out which fabric to use…..etc!!!

Then, yesterday I was cleaning my studio and it suddenly occurred to me that I had several large (2-4 yard) pieces of fabric that had been given to me and that one of those would be the perfect cover.

I pulled the fabric off of the shelf and draped it over the case to see if it would fit and found that, if I kept it loose, I really wouldn’t have to do much sewing. The fabric had some bits cut off one end and side, so I first had to even it up a bit…..

…and then sewed down both sides…..

….and…..VOILA…… the Thread MUMU was born…..

I wasn’t particularly happy about the “wings” extending from the sides, so I pinned it where it needed to indent…..

….used a 90-degree triangle ruler to line everything up and drew in my sewing line…..

Once I was sure that it was going to fit, I trimmed off the extra fabric…..

…..added a hem to the bottom….

….and the Thread Storage MUMU was born…..

It fits perfectly in its place along the wall……..

…and the top shelf is still available if I need temporary storage for other items…..’

I actually laughed out loud when I typed the word “temporary” as some of these items have lived on this shelf for more than 9 months!!!

So, in less than 30 minutes, I have a cover that will protect my threads and yet be easily removed when I need to get into a drawer.

THAT is the epitome of a good afternoon in the studio!!!

Do you have EASY solutions to storage issues? If so, please share them with me!!

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There are no other words needed……

What is your current UFO count?

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A new record….

On Saturday I had two quilts that I wanted to spray baste and decided to do them vertically, using my design wall.

I first mentioned this method in a previous post…..check it out if you are interested…..

It was SO fast and easy to do!!

First I sprayed the backs of the quilts……

….then the fronts……

I carefully folded them into fourths and carried them to my studio.

The back was pinned to the wall……

Batting was laid on top and smoothed.

Then the top was added……

….and smoothed in place.

A quick press with the iron and it was finished.

I followed the same procedure with the second quilt….

and in LESS THAN 30 MINUTES, I had TWO quilts basted….

My own personal best!!!!!

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If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

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Retreat bound!!

Today is PACKING DAY because my quilt retreat starts TOMORROW!!!!

I love our guild retreats and am really looking forward to this one. The last few months have been very hectic and stressful; honestly, I am still feeling that. I was talking to my husband about it this morning and saying that maybe I shouldn’t go but instead stay home and get stuff done.

His comment was so sweet. He said that I should go so that I would be FORCED to relax and recreate!!

Do you ever get to that stage??

So, this morning I am loading up my machine and all of my projects……

Fabrics for a “Winnie The Pooh” baby quilt that I need to make……

Fabrics for my challenge quilt……

…AND…all of the embellishments I hope to play with!!

There is the marbled fabric quilt that I started last time…..

…..and the scrap quilt that I have worked on for the past 2 retreats.

Finally, one of my clients picked up her tax return and left me a bag of goodies, including these fun fabrics…..

Maybe I will find an easy pattern and whip up a charity quilt!!

Honestly, I hope to spend some of my time sitting in the big swing overlooking the lake, thinking deep thoughts… least until I fall asleep!!