Quilt Retreat update…

It has been almost two weeks since our retreat, but I did want to show you some of the work that was done during the time.

We had 17 people present….

and each had our own 9-foot table to set up however we wanted.

We were served three meals a day and just had to walk down one flight of stairs to get to the dining room.

It was HEAVEN!!!!

I enjoyed working on my two projects which I have talked about previously but REALLY enjoyed seeing what some of the others were working on.

One of the first “finishes” of the week was my friend Linda, making this fun baby quilt…..

She went on to make 5 wonderful blocks that will be the start of a Quilt-of-Valor…..

I offered to take them and turn them into a quilt top and I am REALLY looking forward to playing with them….maybe add some log cabin or strip blocks to them…..we will see!!

I loved this scrap quilt, especially the border….

…and this one is the perfect way to highlight wonderful fabrics….

Pat and Mary were both working on the same quilt, in almost the same colors, so it was a bit of a contest to see who would finish first…..

Both quilts looked great…..

Rosie was working on these highly thread-painted blocks……

I can’t wait to see exactly what she does with them!! I know that it will be amazing!!!

And these improvisationally pieced blocks will be the start of a great quilt…..

There were several QOV tops finished….

….and lots of other projects!!

When I got home…..

….. and returned everything to its rightful place in the studio, I sat down and made a list of what I took so that it would be easier to pack next time (and maybe I wouldn’t forget my cutting mat!!). I also made a note on my machine table to remember the legs…..

It was a great week and I am already looking forward to the next retreat in May!!!

Retreat roundup

This has to be the saddest picture at any quilting retreat…..

…packed up and ready to go home…..

….especially when it had looked like this for the last four days…..

Isn’t this a fantastic room??

We had a marvelous time of quilting and the finished products were flying out the door. Here are a few…..

This quilt was “almost finished” but she ran out of the blue fabric. Of course, there was more at home!!

There were also a number of new projects started and there was quite a bit of this going on…..

The really fun thing about quilting in a large group like this is that there is ALWAYS someone who has an opinion or a great idea for you to try!!!

There were numerous Quilts-of-Valor started/completed during the days including this piecing nightmare….

….and there is not a single unmatched point in this top….

…something to aspire to!!

Finally, my poor roommate, Linda, pieced hundreds of half-square triangles and was still smiling afterwards….

….but her quilt is going to be marvelous…..

It was a MARVELOUS few days with some great friends…..

I will leave you with a shot from the great outdoors….not that we spent much time there!!!!

As always, I am already looking forward to the next retreat!!!

Another fun day!!

Today was day THREE of our five day retreat and I can honestly say that the 17 attendees are making the most of the time.

There were a bunch of finishes…..

Rosie made this quilt for charity….

Carol Ann finished this modified log cabin….

Judy finished this super happy quilt…..

….and Sara added this happy fabric quilt…..

Sue finished this flannel quilt for her brother……

I started the morning making backings for the two quilt tops that I finished yesterday and then turned to the Angela Walter’s Quilt-A-long that I was FOUR weeks behind on…..

….more about that tomorrow on “Free-Motion Friday”……

AND….there is another day and a half left at the retreat….HOORAY!!!!

In between the storms….

Tuesday was a stormy day at the retreat but we pretty much didn’t care!!!

I did get out for a quick walk after breakfast and enjoyed these blooming bushes……

Inside work was going at a steady rate with a table runner finished by Sherry…..

…..and Chris finished this fun apron…..

I had a great day and was able to finish two quilt tops for twin boys!!

I started with paper pieced elephants and giraffes from Margaret Rolfe’s book, “A Quilter’s Ark”….

…ears, eyes and tails to come……

Once they were finished, I had a fun time selecting various widths of fabric strips to add to the top. I would put up two or three strips and then everyone would weigh in with what they liked!! It was a quilt made by committee!!

The second quilt went faster since I had already developed the “formula” that I was going to use!!

It was a good day’s work!!!

Let the quilting fun begin….

Our guild retreat is held at the Georgia FFA-FCCLA center which is about an hour drive from home. It is a wonderful place to retreat!!

We stay in hotel type accommodations….

and have this entire “cabin” for our group=…..

We are served three FULL meals each day and while they are sometimes rustic, they are always good!!!….

We have an amazing room to sew in and each have a 9-foot table to use, along with any other add-ons that we bring with us!!….

Our fearless leader always brings a couple of ironing tables and two cutting tables and it could not be a nicer set-up!!!

We got off to a crazy start as the Tornado warning sirens started blaring just as we were unloading our cars!! But being good quilters, we did not let that deter us for a single moment and we were all soon happily working at our tables, oblivious to the weather going on outside!!

There are always a few people who get things finished quickly, and these two were remarkable…..

Sherry finished this machine embroidered wall hanging…..

Linda finished quilting this wall hanging (that she started at an earlier retreat)……

It took me a while to figure out what to work on first, but decided on two baby quilts that I need to get done. Of course, I forgot to take photos before I came back to the room, so you will have to wait until tomorrow for those!!

Now for a good night sleep to get ready for a LONG day of creativity tomorrow!!