A time for Thankfulness!!

Here in the US, it is Thanksgiving, and I have SO many things to be thankful for!!!

First of course is my family…..

…..my sweet husband of 45 years (Michael)…..

My son and daughter-in-law (Brian and Amber)…..

…and my daughter and son-in-law (Jenny & Kevin)……

And this year, we have an addition!! Presenting Archer James…..

He was born on November 6th and we are all besotted with him!!!

I am also thankful for all of you….the people who have encouraged me so much in the past 3 years!!

Finally, in case you haven’t already figured this out, I am thankful for the ability to be creative!!

This quilt was made a lot of years ago but hangs in my house EVERY November…..

It reminds me of where I have come from and where I am headed to!!!

Come back tomorrow and we will resume our tour of the International Quilt Festival!!

Pieced with Love

The pieced competition at the International Quilt Festival has always been one of my favorites. I am thoroughly amazed at the creativity and accuracy that these quilts exhibit!

Audrey Esarey got my viewing off to a good start with her Mobius quilt….

“Mobius Radial No. 2

This is one of those quilts that will stay in my mind for a long time!!

This quilt from Beth Nufer and Clem Buzick was made with Dupioni silk…..


Don’t you think that would be REALLY hard to piece and applique??

The Blue-Ribbon went to Amy Pabst for this beauty…..

“Heat Lightning”

This is another example of her “Micro-piecing” technique that I talked about a few days back. Check out this post for more examples of her technique.

I especially like the border treatment…..

This beauty from Setsuko Oki was hand pieced and quilted!!

“Symphony of Light and Breeze”

I always tip my hat to handwork artists. It is something that I do not have the patience for!!

This quilt from Sarah Ann Smith is simple but so effective…..

“Phlamingo, Some Assembly Required”

It shows a great usage of the “Crossed Canoes” block and I love the small amount of “Big Stitch” quilting that she added….

Second place was awarded to Ruth Ohol for this ACCURATE quilt….

“Memories From Hotel Fahey”

I think that I would have gone crazy trying to piece that border!!

In her artist statement, Paula Doyle said that she was trying to create a quilt with a fresh and contemporary feeling. I would say that she accomplished that…..

“Yukata Bee Quilting”

Nancy Goodman scored a Third-place ribbon for this fun quilt….

“Alhambra at Sunset”

My mind doesn’t do well with Improv piecing, but Nancy’s sure does!!

Being a SUPER FAN of Sunflowers, this quilt from Luz Seidensticker definitely caught my eye…..

“The Troubadour”

Linda and I both loved the dimension that she presented with these upturned flowers….

It is so much more effective than just having all of the flowers facing forward!!

The name of this quilt is “The Troubadour” and after I read that I had to go back and figure out why. The answer came in two paper-pieced birds….

I hope that you are enjoying these impromptu quilt shows!! Come back tomorrow for a showing of various miscellaneous quilts that caught my fancy!!!

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Only two colors…..

I am not usually a fan of two-color quilts. Sometimes I find them to be a bit boring, but these five quilts that were displayed at the International Quilt Festival were anything but boring!!!

Lynn Crimes presented this wonderful low-volume quilt…..

“A Neutral Score”

Let’s get a little closer on this one…..

She used improv piecing over BLACK batting. That is why the seams and quilting stand out so much!! VERY clever!!!

Connie Dyer Zafaris used a mixture of Charcoal and Silver to make this “Ripples” quilt….


The quilting does an amazing job of highlighting the design!!!

This next quilt from Martha Ferguson is also enhanced by great free-motion quilting from Karen Kendo……

“Modern Chain”

Connie Dyer Zafiris also submitted my favorite of the two-color quilts……

“Fitting A Square Peg in a Round Hole”

Finally, this quilt from Hope Reed……

“The Preppy Illusion”

….is a great optical illusion quilt and the colors are perfect for the design!!

And of course….. now that I have looked closely at these two-color quilts, I am thinking that it might be fun to try one myself!! Isn’t that how it always goes!!

Come back tomorrow and we will look at some astounding landscape quilts!!!

Star Explosion Top is off the to-do list

Yesterday, I posted about the last stretch of piecing for the center of the Star Explosion top, leaving it at this point…..

Now I needed to add some corners to the top but REMEMBER that the background fabric was in short supply!!

I decided to map it out before I started cutting fabric….

….and then made a “template” for the corner…..

Using this pattern I was able to cut one large rectangle and then split it into two triangles for each corner!!


So now the top is finished……

…and I a SUPER happy with it!!

Keep coming back as I baste and quilt this beauty!!!