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Now let’s make SMALLER Dresden Plates….

Yesterday I told you about a new quilt that I have started focusing on the Dresden plate block.

This 9-inch variety was fast and easy…..my two favorite words…..

BUT, could I make them smaller??

I recently purchased these rulers to make smaller plates…..

…and I was excited to try them.

I started with the “Mini” ruler which used a 3.5-inch strip….

Since these wedges are wider (30-degree), only 12 are required to make a plate.

They are also easier to work with because the hole in the middle is built in for you. It didn’t take much time to finish this 7-inch plate…..

Then it was time to try the “TINY” plates.

These started with a 2-inch fabric strip….making for VERY Small wedges….

I was once again worried about turning the points, but my trusty tool worked beautifully…..

….and I quickly had another plate (4-inch) ready to show……

I like the look of the design when all of these sizes are put together…..

What will it become……who knows!!

Tomorrow I will start sharing photos from the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas so PLEASE come back for the show!!


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