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Can you guess what the first I did when I learned that we were going to be staying in Malmo, Sweden?

I searched for a quilt shop!!

And guess what…..

I found one that was less than a mile away from our hotel…..QUILTMEVA!!

When we arrive in another country, with our body time ALL messed up, our mantra is to STAY AWAKE until bedtime. That helps us to avoid jetlag.

The best way to stay awake is to stay on your feet so Michael and I headed out to discover the city of Malmo.

We took a few obligatory photos of the area…..

….of a cool church……

…and of ourselves…..

By then, Michael was ready to head back to the hotel to relax.

I knew that if I went back to the room, I would immediately go to sleep, so I headed for the quilt shop!!! (And not sleeping was not the only reason)!!

As I opened the front door and climbed the few steps up the shop, I knew that I was in the right place…..

The front room was awash with gorgeous fabrics…..

….and the door led to two more rooms that held goodies galore…..

I started talking to the shop owner, Eva…….

….and we had a marvelous time exchanging stories….as quilters are wont to do!!

Since we were to meet our hosts for dinner, I didn’t have a lot of time to stay but promised to come back later in the week.

On the following Friday, Michael was in the woods and I was alone in Malmo…..WHAT TO DO????

Head for the quilt shop of course!!

When I arrived, Eva greeted me like an old friend and told me that she had a class in progress. Each month she holds a technique class and quilters come to learn something new. She shows the project and then they choose whether to do the project or work on their own things.

Today they were making Rag Quilts!!

Eva showed me her samples. This one is just a simple one-patch design……

…but look at this great idea for pillows……

How cute are those??

Since it was lunchtime for the class, Eva and I had a few minutes to talk and we compared notes on patterns, fabrics, machines and shows. It was so much fun!!

The hard thing about visiting overseas shops is that it is difficult to find items that aren’t regularly available at home.

So, I was excited to see these thimbles from Prym (a German company)……

They seem to fit my arthritic fingers pretty well and I am excited to give them a workout!!

The other thing that I found were these two rulers for making small and REALLY small Dresden plate blocks……

I have a Dresden quilt in mind and these are perfect….even if I could have bought them in the US. Stand by for more about this upcoming quilt.

Finally, I am a fan of Gutermann thread and I had never seen these variegated varieties…..

I can’t wait to try them out!!

It was such fun to meet Eva and her customers and the morning outing was perfect!!

And made even more perfect as I found a food trailer in the park and enjoyed a MAGNIFICENT burger and fries……

I love that quilters can be immediate friends, even if they have never met before!!


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