Travel here we come!!

HOORAY….travel is returning!!

Today, Michael and I are flying out to Mozambique and will be in the bush for about 3 weeks.

While there, he will be researching a book that he is writing about the rebuilding of an ecosystem there. I am helping with the interviews and doing lots of photography. It is a bit daunting to be in charge of photos that will be used in a book, a Ted-X talk, and major magazine articles!!

I am hoping to blog while we are there but it is doubtful that the internet will cooperate!!

SO….. I am going to take you on a tour of the art in my studio!! I have so many fun items that have been procured over the years and I want to share them with you.

Come back tomorrow to start touring……

Inspirational Ceilings

In 2015, Michael and I spent several weeks in Colombia, starting out with a week in Bogota. As an aside, Bogota has THE most wonderful museums!! I spent every day out and about while Michael was working and still didn’t get to see everything that I wanted.

But, I digress…. On our first day there, one of the students, Juliana, picked us up at our hotel and spent the day ushering us around the city. The first destination was Mount Monserrate which overlooks the city of Bogota. We enjoyed the morning eating delicacies from the street vendors and wandering around the mountain top.

There is a church located there….. Iglesia Basilica del Senor de Monserrate….and that is where my inspiration came from. A small chapel in the back of the church was designed as a semicircle and the ceilings were magnificent!!!

The stained glass wasn’t bad either!!

If you want to read about our Colombian travels, they start with THIS blog post……

One reason that I make quilts…..

If you remember earlier this summer, I posted about 2 baby quilts that I was making for Bo’s Bros!!!

Well, the Bros have arrived…..Ellis and Patrick are their names!!!

These two photos of them lounging on one of the quilts that I made fills my heart to overflowing……

….and reminds me of one of the reasons that I love the art of quilting!!!

OKAY…..Saturday was transition day for my blog as we left for a month in Europe. We will be visiting Italy (Naples and Rome), France (St. Ettiene & Lyon) and Basel, Switzerland. SO, for the next four weeks this blog will be more about travel than about quilting, although I ALWAYS manage to find inspiration as we travel.