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Keep It Simple…..Quilt It Fast

Back in September, I showed you two banners that I had made for my church…..

They were no longer needed and had sat on my shelf for several years and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. When I asked my readers for an opinion, it was unanimous….

Turn them into quilts!!!

So, I took one and did just that!!.

I debated about picking the seams to release the top from the upholstery fabric backing but quickly decided that it wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I cut off the last navy border, leaving the bias piano-key one…..

Since the edge was bias, I added a line of stay-stitching and then basted it….

Now it was ready to quilt.

I wanted to do it quickly, so picked an easy design…..


As promised in the video, I will be giving more information about the Sway Rulers soon!!

I loved finishing this quilt so quickly and it has now been gifted. I hope that it brings much warmth and comfort!!!



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