More 6-inch squares

Over the last few months I have been slowly working thru a stack of 6-inch squares that were donated to my charity bee. I started out with a pinwheel quilt, followed by a chinese coin and another unnamed design…..

…and yet I still had 58 left to use!!!

As I was scanning Facebook, I found a simple pattern that used triangles in each corner of a square and, when placed correctly, had a fun, motion-filled design.

Last weekend, I had a free day and a need to do some PIECING and fabric fondling so I pulled out the designs and got to work!!

Since I recently purchased an Accuquilt machine, I naturally wanted to use it to cut the triangles!!! I folded the squares in half and then put them over the dies and ran them thru the machine….

Perfect triangles with little fabric waste was the result…..

Now I needed to cut the 11×4.5 inch rectangles and ran into the problem of how to cut a strip that is wider than my 6.5 inch ruler!!! I imagine that some of you have had this problem as well, so I made a video to give you some tips……

Once cut, I found the center of both the strip and the triangles and used that to guide the placement and sewing of the triangles…….

When ironed, they looked like this…..

Now I needed to cut the pieces into 7.25-inch squares. This size wasn’t specified but was simply the largest square that I could cut from it.

I drew the guidelines on my ruler using a water-soluble marking pen….

and then used the guide to make the cuts……

When I left my studio at the end of the day, the quilt top was at this stage…..

I am going to make one more row to go on the top and may place the blocks so that the “square” will be in bright red fabrics.

It was a sweet day to spend in my studio, especially when there is a scrap quilt at the end of it!!!

Scraps with an international flair

As I have mentioned previously in this blog, I am participating in a block swap with several quilters from Australia and New Zealand, using patterns in Make Modern magazine. It is a great online magazine and I would encourage you to check it out!!!

This week I finished the second set of blocks for Debbie from Australia. We have already made one set of Butterfly blocks for her and here is the second set of bright and wonderful butterflies…..

They are fun to make and I am definitely getting better at seam allowances so they are coming out REALLY close to the needed size!!

I am up for the months of August and September and have been thinking about what I want to do with my blocks. At the moment I am thinking about something like this….

… although the light blue needs to be a LOT lighter than in this picture.

OR maybe I want to do it in bright colors!!! I REALLY need to decide!!!

The group would provide twenty, 10-inch blocks and I would need to make an additional 16 blocks!!!

I think that I will wait to see what they send and then go from there!!!

Kaleidoscopic Fun!!

I don’t know about you but I used to LOVE the cardboard tube kaleidoscopes that we played with as kids!! As an adult (sort of), I still love to look thru one of the amazing handcrafted kaleidoscopes that exist.

Many years ago (1992 to be exact), our guild brought in Katie Pasquini Masopust (before she was super famous) to present a Kaleidoscope Quilt class, and I was immediately hooked!!

We started out with a piece of flannel taped to the wall and started working from the center out…adding each round as it came up.

As I worked thru the day, I kept cutting off small corners of my scraps and putting them in a circle around the piece so that I could decide what the next round would be.

When it came time to finish the quilt, I kept thinking about those triangles scattered around the kaleidoscope and wanted to figure out a way to incorporate them into the border and maybe some of the other blocks. I remember lying in bed one night and trying to figure out exactly how I could piece them in and realizing that it would be a mammoth task to accomplish. THEN the epiphany came….. why not do them as prairie points so they would add dimension to the quilt AND be much easier to piece!!!


I was using scraps for much of the piecing and was running REALLY short on greens!! So short that I didn’t have enough to add the triangles in the corners!! This seemed to be the only way to go…..

I love the final quilt and it is a great addition to my Spring decorating…..

….and I just have to smile when I see the prairie points!!!

A Stroll Down the Garden Path

Back in 1996, all of us quilters were SO excited about mosaic landscape quilts and, of course, I had to make one!!!

I remember looking thru all of my scraps, especially those bits of floral that I had kept for just this purpose.

I was excited to find out that I could use the backs of some of fabrics to achieve a bit more shading and dimension…..

I spent a lot of time looking thru a reducing glass so that I could see how it would look from a distance!!

ONE HINT HERE….. if you need a reducing glass, purchase a door peep-hole instead…..

It only costs a few dollars and works wonderfully!!

It was fun to see the path grow from this diverse selection of fabrics…..

The final quilt turned out well…..

….and it happily graces my wall during the late spring!!

Scrappy Pyramids

For this week’s scrappy offering, we are back to another of my older quilts

And, I am ashamed to say, I don’t know if my Mom made this or if it was my Granny!! I thought that I had them all well documented, but I can’t find this one. Such a shame!!

Regardless of who the maker was, it is a fun quilt, filled with scrappy pyramids…..

I love this one….partly because of the fabrics used, but also because it is pieced with the pyramids facing the side instead of the top.

I love that many of the points have been lost in the piecing….see…I come by it naturally!!!

Actually, as I looked at it more, I think that it was designed for the points to be missing…..that is the only thing that would tell why the points are so symmetrically and perfectly missing!!

One of my friends has made tons of pyramid quilts and she swears that they are easy to do, but I have yet to try one!!!

It is hand quilted using the good old “Baptist Fan” design…..

Yet another fun quilt from my Quilting Family Tree!!