2022 Monthly Color Challenge

As I posted recently, I greatly enjoyed participating in the Monthly Color Challenge from “Patterns by Jen“.

Last year was all about fruits and vegetables. This year we are continuing in the kitchen theme with the 2022 Spice Challenge…..

This year, Jen provided details for making all of the blocks with the same background. Since I am planning to alternate` both sets of blocks into one quilt, I decided to use the background option.

It took a while to cut all of the background pieces…..

….but they are all bagged up and ready to go now.

The spice for January is ORANGE!!!

Now, I normally wouldn’t call it a spice, but it IS used to add flavor…..

Since the background pieces were already cut, it took no time at all to cut the 3 orange fabric pieces….

Isn’t that orange fabric the PERFECT color!!!!

I quickly sewed the two seams for the “snowball” blocks…..

….and a few more minutes to sew the seams for the half-square triangles….

A quick layout…..

….a few more seams and the first block for the year was finished!!!!

Jen suggested that we show other quilts in the monthly color and I decided to share one that was given to me a number of years ago…..

Mary Ellen used various threads and decorative stitches to create this beauty and I was honored when she gave it to me!!! It is a favorite!!

I think that this a GREAT start to a new challenge!!!

Challenge finished….almost

Throughout this past year, I have been involved in the 2021 Monthly Color Challenge presented by “Patterns by Jen“. This challenge was based on food….my favorite inspiration!!!

During the year I have enjoyed Lemons, Limes, Blueberries, Cherries, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Yams, Potatoes, Eggplant, Oranges, Grapefruit, and Olives…..

Now that the challenge has ended, it is time to put the quilt together…..


In 2022 there is ANOTHER challenge…..this time focusing on spices……

Now, doesn’t THAT sound interesting!!

So, instead of completing my quilt for 2021, I am going to keep the blocks and wait until I have finished the 2022 challenge. That way I can make a larger quilt and enjoy the results of both years of blocks.

Why don’t you think about joining me on this new journey? Check it out HERE.

There are a number of challenge participants who have actually finished their quilt!! Check these out…..

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Ending with Olives

I recently finished the 2021 Monthly Color challenge from Patterns By Jen. The last block was based on one of my UN-favorites…..olives!!

My best memory of olives was seeing trees in the Duoro Valley of Portugal….

I sure wish that they tasted as good as they look!!!

I bought a bottle….

…and spent a little time examining the inspiration…..

It was fun to look thru my fabric and pick the perfect colors…..

I thought that the print was reminiscent of the pimentos stuffed in each olive.

Cutting was easy (just 4 squares)…so easy that I failed to take a photo before I started sewing…..

In a matter of minutes, I had the 1/4-square triangles made….

And three seams later, the block was finished….

Each month we are supposed to share our favorite recipe using the food, but that is impossible for me to do. However, Michael does enjoy a martini, so here it is…..

This has been a fun challenge and I have learned or perfected a number of techniques during the year.

Now I can’t wait for the 2022 Spice Challenge to start…..

Why don’t you join me??

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Sweet Blueberry Inspirations

Last week I caught up with the Monthly Color challenge by getting tangy with a grapefruit, and now I am ready to get a jump on the November challenge from Patterns by Jen.

The fruit for the month are BLUEBERRIES……one of my favorites!!

To start out with, I had a blast photographing the little guys…..

….and munching a few between shots!!!

It was also fun to cut them open and see the delicate insides…..

When I started looking for fabrics, this one JUMPED right off the shelf…..

It couldn’t have been more perfect.

So, the pieces were cut…..

…and the sewing began.

But as I ironed the first set, I realized that the white thread that I was using was showing!! WHY hadn’t I switched to grey!!!

The thread change was made and the block was quickly completed…..

I have tried to do some special photography on each block and this one was fun…..

Here is where we are so far……

I wonder what December will bring??

Grapefruit Inspirations

In September, I posted about the welcoming pineapple as the monthly color prompt for the Monthly Color Challenge from “Patterns by Jen” …..

And, as much as I enjoyed the sweet pineapple in my studio, it was followed by the grapefruit for the month of October….that’s right….I am running behind!!!

Now I am NOT a fan of grapefruit…..

….even the sweet Red variety that I pick out to use as inspiration.

I will admit that the citrus aroma did do a great job of freshening my studio and I loved the colors of the pulp…..

The fabrics pretty much chose themselves…..

…and within a few minutes, the pieces were cut and ready to sew…..

Very quickly the block was finished….

…and ready for some fun photography……

Now that I am caught up, this month is BLUEBERRIES…..one of my favorites!!!! Check back later this week for more!!

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