State of the Studio – 2021

My chief lament in life is that I am not accomplishing what I want in my studio but when I looked back at 2021, I can see that was NOT the case!!

Although it was not “creating”, I had the fun opportunity to talk to various groups about quilting, and “talking about quilting” is one of my FAVORITE THINGS…..

2021 was the year of “MOVE IT”!! I had SO much fun putting the course together and have loved hearing the comments from those who have taken the course…..

By the way, this free course is still available and you can sign up HERE

I have enjoyed being part of an International Block Swap that is still ongoing. I can’t wait to get all of the blocks!!

I had the opportunity to judge quilts at the state fair….SO. MUCH. FUN!!….

I finished a small quilt that was LONG in the making…..

I participated in a number of challenges and mysteries and learned SO much with each of them…..

I made 5 quilt tops for charity using a stack of 200, six-inch squares as the inspiration…..

There were three baby quilts and since they were for sisters, they all had the same basic layout…..

I went down the creative rabbit hole and pulled this out of the hat…..

….and here at the end of the year, I finished the “Tradewinds” top…..

….and a Quilt-Of-Valor top…..

As usual, there are numerous projects still in process and I can’t wait to get to them in the new year!!!

How was your creative 2021???