Let’s play “Never Have I Ever”

If you have never played this game, one person says…..”Never have I ever ___________(fill in the blank).” IF the other player’s HAVE done it (whatever it is), they have to perform some task…..maybe have a drink or do 10 sit-ups (wouldn’t happen with me), or some other silly thing.

Well, today we are going to play it with making bias binding…..

Never have I ever…… sewn the wrong ends of the bias strips together so that I ended up with 2 loops of binding rather than one long piece…..

Never have I ever……cut the strip too narrow and not find out until I had sewn all 260 inches together and started making bias……

Nope, that does NOT look right!!

Never have I ever….. clipped a notch in the bias when trying to trim the seam……

Never have I ever…… had to re-sew the connecting seams SEVERAL times to get the angle correct!!

Never have I ever…… sewn the strips together so that they form a 90 degree angle rather than a continuation of the strip!!

Since I did every one of these things this afternoon, it is obvious that I would LOSE this game!!!

I finally got my act together and actually made some decent binding. I was using the Clover bias maker in 3/8 inch width. Once I made the correct width and length of bias, I trimmed the end…..

…..and inserted it into the bias maker, using a point to help guide it thru……

Once I had it working well, I called Michael upstairs and ask him to help me video the ironing process…..

So at the end of my short creative time, I have the binding made and ready to add to my Color quilt!!!

Maybe tomorrow will be better!!!