Bordering on Insanity….

Recently I have been looking thru my computer and finding photos of quilts from my past. I thought that I would share one or two along the way.

Border challenges were all the rage in 1996. The quilt design process included one person designing a center block, passing it on to the next person who would add a border, then on to the next to add another border, until the top reached the desired size.

It was then that our guild decided to have a border challenge. But, in this case, we would design and make the entire quilt ourselves while following certain defined parameters…..

The details have escaped my memory, but I do remember that each round had to be a specified size and most rounds had a designated type of block that needed to be included.

The final product was thrilling to me…..

Border Challenge Quilt

My favorite memory of this quilt was sitting in the back yard with Michael while I tried to draft each surrounding border. There I sat with pencil and paper….and eraser, dreaming of the future of computer aided design programs.

I chopped and changed and re-drafted each border, meaning that the next border had to be changed as well. As I fumed and erased the paper for the umpteenth time, Michael commented that he thought quilting was supposed to be fun. I looked at him and snapped….”I AM having fun…..leave me alone”!!!!

If I remember correctly, it was the first time that I pieced a background…..

Pieced Background

….although the backgrounds that I piece now are much more convoluted.

I made the label using leftover bits that and I gave it an appropriate title…..

Quilt Label Craziness

………………..”Bordering on Insanity”!!

…..and I certainly was that!!!!